Dr. Koonce (Lawrence Public Schools) was nice enough to share with us his team's plan for students to retrieve their devices. Thank you, Dr. Koonce, for sharing! 

We are treating this in a "waves" or "phases" approach to find out first who needs a device and how many total. To do that, we used the Google Form and the messaging below and gave families 48 hours to tell us. Then, we'll follow up with the SignUpGenius website to have people sign up in K-2 / 3-5 pick-up groups and show up to our building in 10-minute intervals where we can clean and disinfect the areas and layout supplies in two different clean and secure areas when they pick up.


STEP 1 Example

Greetings, Quail Run Families:

This is really important, and we need your feedback very quickly so that we can mobilize our efforts in a safe way.

If you do have a mobile device at home currently for your student, you may disregard the requested action in this message. Any mobile device can access the programs and apps your student will need soon through your student's "Go" account. More information to come on this.

If you do not have a mobile device for your student currently for him/her to be able to use soon to access upcoming learning opportunities from our teachers, then please complete THIS FORM (see screenshot below) at your earliest convenience but no later than Wednesday, 3/25 at 4:00 PM.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this...we miss your kids so much!


STEP 2 Example

Then, we will use these SignUpGenius links to schedule pick-up.

Because of the design of our building, we will safely facilitate two separate pick up areas with separate parking. One will be exclusively for K-2 students and the other one for 3-5 students. Families with multiple children across grade-levels (2, 4, and 5 for example) will sign up for one or the other and we'll have all devices together. All devices have been cleaned, are organized by the teacher, and can be pulled in order based on the schedule built within each SignUpGenius.

Given this, we'll have two separate sign-ups, each with 10-minute slots over a 7 hour period...here are our current draft links with instructions:

K-2 iPads Thursday

3-5 iPads Thursday

We will repeat this on Friday and expand the times depending upon demand.

Below are screenshot examples of what the GoSignUp site looks like for them: