Why this guide? We are in unprecedented times. Never in our history have we closed school buildings and needed to rethink school in such a short amount of time. As a special educator, you have IEPs, legally binding documents to consider when you are redesigning all of your lessons. Disclaimer: This document is created with the most current information we have at this time. This is subject to change based on recommendations from both the Center for Disease Control as well as the United States Department of Education. Focus on What’s Important - - We have never done this before. We are all rewriting rules and evaluating a “new normal.” -Take care of yourself and your family. There is a reason we are told to put our own face mask on before we help others. - We are here to support you. You have an opportunity never presented to you before. We know that students spend more time at home than they do at school during a “typical” school day. Right now that has been a seismic shift. Parents will be reaching out to you for support with their students. You have the opporunity to build relationships with parents and give them resources to make their relationship with their child so much stronger. This document is designed to help you seize this opportunity. When things return to “normal,” knowing our “normal” may never be the same, we will have a new mindset and new skills to create better lives for our students and their families.

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